2019 – Exhibition Show Report

The Happy Ending of our First Adventure…

We have successfully completed our ADVENTURE TURKEY Exhibition, which brought together for the first time the players of the Adventure Tourism and Adventure Sports industries. We are more than proud and happy to have made a successful start in this journey towards our goal, by bringing together thousands of adventure lovers. As an event that has become a tradition now, ADVENTURE TURKEY will be organized every year from now on. And we will all be witnessing how the sector grows and gets stronger more and more every year and how it gradually turns into a business platform. As an international organization, ADVENTURE TURKEY is planned and structured as a versatile event that will provide the maximum benefit to each and every organization and institution that joins. We’ve been able to become a big family with all our exhibitors that were with us in the first year of ADVENTURE TURKEY, adventure lovers that accompanies us in this big meeting and the master names from the sector. This family will get bigger and stronger every year. In our second year as well, we will continue to offer new opportunities for all stakeholders of the sector, to promote adventure tourism at the international level and bring you the latest developments and novelties to you every year. We’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all our exhibitors, visitors and supporters that were with us in our first adventure. Nergis ASLAN Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık General Manager

Our Chat Sessions were as warm as a Camp Fire.

When the topic is adventure, there’s always a lot to talk about! This is why our Camp Fire session attracted great attention once again and was fully booked long before the exhibition. Chat sessions as warm as Camp Fire brought together famous adventurers and adventure lovers! The chat sessions that attracted great attention and high level of participation brought to adventure enthusiasts, the unknowns about the outdoor sports, adventure-infused experiences and new ideas and practices that set the direction of the sector. The projects, which we believe, will make great contributions to the sector and our exhibition will be coming to you in the coming years as well with more comprehensive content and there will always be an adventure at ADVENTURE TURKEY.

ADVENTURE TURKEY 2019 Statistics
Number of Exhibitor: 137 Number of Brands Represented: 275 Number of visitorsı: 13.708 Turkey: 12.132 International: 1.576 Number of countries: 19

Satisfaction Survey

We would like to share with you, the results of the survey we’ve conducted with the goal of gaining insight into the participant companies’ overall impression of ADVENTURE TURKEY 2019 Exhibition.

Satisfaction from exhibition Next year participation Expectations from exhibition
  I’ll participate : 134 company  
Satisfied : 136 company I won’t participate : 1 company Fullfilled my expectations : 136 company
Not Satisfied : 1 company Undecided : 2 company Not fullfilled : 1 company
How did you benefit from fair?
Made business connections %97 It served as a good promotional tool %96
I made connections with participant companies %62 Made agency connection %60
Others % 52


Coverage by Written Press Compiled from 45 written press materials 16 National Publications – 29 Local Publications
Web Coverage 96 Web News
National Press Advertising Equivalent 3.503.752 USD
Written Press Circulation 905477
Written Press Coverage 3 110 278
TV Evaluation 1 TV Channel 2 News Coverage
TV Advertising Equivalent 1153 $
Written Press + TV Advertising Equivalent 3 504 905
* * Access and advertising equivalent metrics have been calculated by Ajanspress.


We managed to meet a lot of people that follow our brand. We’ve seen a great deal of interest and we’re so glad about that. This year’s event exceeded my expectations compared to that of last year; my only recommendation is that it should be promoted more both domestically and internationally. – M. Muratcan Karabıyık/ Efe Av Ticaret (Efe Hunting Items) Even though it was the first year of the Adventure Exhibition, we’ve been able to make very effective connections. It’s been a great event for us and we met with many companies and visitors and had the chance to promote our city in national media. Thank you for everything, hope to see you next year. – Resul Taştan / Head of Duzce Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. • We made very effective business connections on the first day. We’d like to join again next year with a more comprehensive program. The exhibition should be reaching a broader audience. We’re quite satisfied. İbrahim Halil Güçlü / Tanus Çadır (Tanus Tents) Adventure Exhibition has been a great event that brought together the players of the sector after a long time. We received more visitors than we expected. Our booth was very busy, and we’ve made very effective business collaborations and meetings and it’s been a very satisfactory event for us. We’d like to join again next year. Thanks for everything. Cumhur Marşan – Akın Yıldırım / Ayışığı Diving Center


 2.News from ADVENTURE TURKEY Exhibition

With the joy of having finalized our first adventure successfully, we’ve already initiated a detailed planning phase for a comprehensive organization for our next event. We’d like to give you the good news that we’ll be carrying out a more powerful marketing campaign via more comprehensive promotional tools to achieve higher number of exhibitors and visitors. This way, we aim to achieve improved exhibitor quality, and higher number of foreign guests and professional buyer-seller visitors and higher number of all visitors interested in the adventure industry. ADVENTURE TURKEY Exhibition aims to fill the gap for the much-needed network platform for the exhibition industry, promote the industry both at the national and international level and to add economic and social value to our country and the sector as a whole. See you at the 2nd ADVENTURE TURKEY Exhibition… Our planned exhibition dates are 13-16 February 2020. Booth sales for the exhibition have already started.